Celebrities who worn Panerai watch


On September 12, 2019, the new brand ambassador of Panerai was finally revealed! Sun Yang, the world record holder and Olympic champion, officially joined Panerai and became the new brand ambassador of Panerai.Celebrities and Panerai watch

Why did Panerai choose Sun Yang? This question is easier to answer than ever. If you pay attention to Hollywood superstars, Dwayne Johnson’s watch collection, countless pieces of Panerai, plus The Expendables and other series of movies, a lot of fierce men including Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, Jason Statham, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are spotted wearing Panerai timepiece, you can imagine how “tough guy” image is ingrained. So any brand to find a spokesperson, no matter who they choose, we can still try our best to justify it. Only the tough style of Panerai is not available to the average person. So we finally knew that Sun Yang is definitely the best big-man spokesperson.Panerai watch spokesmen

Panerai’s current brand ambassadors, whether it is Mike Horn (a famous South African explorer) or GUILLAUME NÉRY (a French free diving champion), are not so-called online stars, but they are all top-notch in their respective fields, both with adventure and sports genes, Sun Yang’s participation further confirms Panerai’s choice.

At the scene of the release, Sun Yang raised his hand and talked about the PAM01616 he wore, especially mentioning that blue is the color of the sea so that he was immediately attracted to it.

For watch enthusiasts who focus the appeal of the designer watch, the blue hands and scales are fitted with a black case to make the watch incredibly unique and attention-grasping.

This watch is 47 mm in diameter and the case is made of Carbotech (carbon fiber) composite material, which is the representative model of this year’s s Submersible series.

The second watch worn by Sun Yang is the PAM00982 version of GUILLAUME NÉRY, which is also a special model this year, also 47 mm in diameter.

This watch is equipped with a titanium case. Moreover,  the ceramic bezel, second hand, and rubber strap are blue in color.

Sun Yangdai’s third watch is the Submersible carbon fiber watch PAM00979, which may have a slightly dull color, but there are camouflage textures on the dial and bezel.

The case back is decorated with the images of the Italian Navy Commando.

Finally, the only gold watch that Sun Yang wore this time is PAM00974, 42 mm in diameter.

In Sun Yang’s own words, he originally thought that 42 mm was slightly smaller for him, but the red gold version plus the bridge design had present different visual effects.

The minimum price of these four watches is about $20,000, which is a little difficult for the average person to pay. Our advice is that you can choose to buy premium replica watches if you appreciate these exceptional celebrity watches.