November 2018


If a watch has a basic timing function, what kind of equipment do you want to have? Date-day, moon phase, perpetual calendar… In fact, for watches, the more functions are more attractive to consumers, which is the goal pursued by various watch brands. However, with the complete function, another problem is also to find a way: that is how to configure as many function display windows as possible in the limited space of the watch.

This problem has always been an unavoidable difficulty in the production of watches. Moreover, consumers are as obsessed with the appearance of watches as they are obsessed with watch movements. Therefore, this requires the watch production brand to deal with this problem. I have one imitated Panerai watch by accident, and this watch can be a good example to meet the need of the above mentioned requirements.

This watch uses the craftsmanship of the brand’s watch factory to perfectly restore the elegance of the watch. The combination of black and white makes the watch a classic. The Swiss 316 L steel case reveals the metal texture of the watch and is unforgettable. The leather strap makes the watch more suitable for the wrist, giving the user a comfortable experience. Let’s take a look at the details of the imitated Panerai watch PAM00499.

I like the white dial quite a few, which seems simple, while it has the complex design. This dial has the different size of Arabic numbers markers, add the funny feeling to the whole watch. The hands(with no second hand) are decorated with the luminous layer, which is normal but useful.

The round dots markers are also covered by the luminous. At night, the light round markers seem funny and cute. There is a date display window at 3 o’clock and a small dial at 9 o’clock. This distribution is simple and reasonable.

The round bezel matches the square case well, adding the feeling of modern to the timepiece. And sliver lugs connect the strap to the case firmly.

This knock-off timing has the thin crown with coin grain, and it is guarded well by the crown protector. Even though, it has easy operation for the customers.

Swiss 2824-2 movement is the good partner with knock-off watch. Not only for its cheaper price, but also for the high quality belongs to the strict process. And this watch works well, since I take it from online shop.

The black genuine leather strap feels soft, which is decorated with white stitching in unique way. While with the same tone stitching, in my opinion, this imitated watch will be more beautiful. So why not have this practical timing with nice price to decorate the daily life.

Panerai is the Italian watch brand that has been founded for more than a century, and it has been able to occupy the forefront of the world of watches with its enthusiasm for watches and its own craftsmanship. In addition, the brand’s fashion design has won a large number of consumers for Panerai. Recently, the brand has released the latest PAM00389 Luminor men watch.

This knock-off watch retains the label design of the Panerai Luminor watch while adding more black elements. In addition to the black setting on the surface, the black layer design is also used in the bezel. Coupled with the luminous layer decoration, the whole imitated watch combines fashion and function, which is quite attractive.

This knock-off Panerai Luminor 1950 watch PAM00389 has the 47mm diameter case that is made of metal. In addition to continuing the classic genes, the biggest highlight of this model is its ultra-high waterproof performance and its one-way rotating diving metal bezel.

This watch uses a lot of black decorations. The Panerai pointer and the time-scale (which are decorated with luminous layers) are traditionally designed on the panel, which contrasts strongly with black to increase overall readability.

The design of this watch has a characteristic that will make it a new Panerai timing, which is suitable for rotating metal bezel. Inspired by the model by Panerai for the Egyptian Navy in the 1950s. This is also for the safety of the wearer, it can be seen that the brand’s humanized service is very intimate.

The bridge of the crown does not change much, and it is also made of metal. This unique design of watch world not only better protects the crown but is one of signature genes of brand. And this design is also very convenient to use.

This replicated watch has a small seconds dial at nine o’clock and the luminous layer on both scales and hands for easy reading in low light conditions. In comparison, the presence of the date display window at three o’clock is a little worse. Even during the day, the recognition is not very high.

The back of watch is not designed with a sapphire crystal glass. And the bottom is easier to protect the watch movement, adding the life of your watch. This knock-off Panerai watch PAM00389 is equipped with the Kinetic (Automatic) movement. This configuration gives the watch plenty of power and allows the functional dials of watch to run smoothly.

The black calfskin strap is paired with white delicate lines, adding a touch of elegance and style to the strap. The Swiss 316L steel pin buckle is perfect for everyday wear and is also in line with the retro style of the watch.

Italy is a beautiful and magical country that I always has attraction about it. It has a special feeling for this country that combines ancient Roman history and culture with fashion and romance. Of course, it also has a special liking for Panerai, a watch brand originating in Italy. The blogger wants to show the Knock-off Panerai Luminor 1950 Watch PAM00524 with a perfect appearance to friends.

The dial structure of this imitated watch was designed by Panerai in the late 1930s. Consisting of two overlapping thin plates, the upper thin plate of the dial is hollowed out at the position corresponding to the time scale number. And the radiance of the luminous material is thus visible.

In order to make the timing clear and easy to read, the chronograph minute hand and the second hand are located at the center of the main dial. The blue seconds hand with the silver minute hand have a strong contrast with the pure design black dial. The sticks hour markers and numbers are displayed on the dial. With a date window at 3 o’clock and a small second at 9 o’clock, this imitated watch is more useful.

The imitated watch still uses its unique crown guard design, which first appeared on the original Panerai watch. Then it became the classic shape of Luminor watch and the iconic feature of the Panerai.

The fly-back of this watch (the essential difference between fly-back and retrograde: the retrograde is automatic, and the fly-back requires manual operation to complete the fly-back.) by the control of one button at 8 o’clock. It can instantly return the chronograph hand to the zero position and restart the operation immediately.

The back of the watch is designed with a sapphire crystal, which allows people to enjoy the function of movement. This fly-back chronograph is a part of the modern collection of the watch with a black leather strap. And the watch can be easily replaced with the Panerai replacement on the lugs.

If people can’t distinguish between genuine and imitated watches from the appearance, then we can start from the internal configuration analysis.

The difference between the real and the knock-off Panerai Luminor 1950 watch

The P.9100 Automatic Movement independently developed by Panerai is equipped inside the real watch. With the fly-back function, the running time indicator can instantly return to the zero position and start running again.

The replicated watch has Swiss 2824-2 Automatic Movement, which is the must-have for high-end replica watch. Swiss craftsmanship guarantees a smooth function of the movement. As the technology is relatively mature, the price is relatively low. It is also the basic movement of other watch brands. Relatively speaking, I still prefer the movement of this engraved watch.