February 2019


Lawrence Ultimate Extreme Athlete of the Year 2011 – Mike Horn

Mike Horn was born in South Africa, and what he has done is always jaw-dropping. He used to travel the Amazon River for six months, walking around the Earth on the equator and taking a week around the Arctic Circle. This is an explorer who dares to practice. Mike Horn uses action to show the world the limits of humanity.

The famous adventure of the global explorer Mike Horn
In 1991, Horne drove a two-wing glider and raft through the Andean gorge in Peru, and then ridiculously completed the downhill on the Mont Blanc glaciers.
In 1995, Horn created a record of the highest drop in water history in human history on a large river in Costa Rica.

In 1995, another person completed the Amazon drifting. He traveled alone from the South American continent on the Pacific coast, drifting 7000 kilometers from the source of the Amazon River, and finally reached the Atlantic Ocean with the footsteps of the river, which lasted for six months.

In June 1999, Horn again challenged himself and began a journey around the equator.
After departing from the Republic of Gabon, he went all the way west, during which he faced various potential dangers. Whether his stormy boat can withstand the test of the hurricane, there may be lost in the fog of the Kenyan mountains, and the Congo (King) in the war may be killed… Fortunately, there was no danger. After 17 months, Horne returned safely to the Republic of Gabon, which added a strong stroke to the history of human adventure.

From August 2002 to October 2004, Horne completed a trek through the entire Arctic Circle. He completed the expedition with a total length of 20,000 kilometers in 10 stages, of which 4 were sea roads and 6 were land roads. In order to do his best to make himself difficult, Horn always chooses to walk above the forest line. When he was walking on the sea, he relied on a canoe, on the land, he relied on sleds and ankles.

Swiss adventurer Mike Horne returned to China on the 25th after completing a journey around the Arctic Circle for more than two years, becoming the first person in the world to travel around the Arctic without the aid of motorized transport. And he accepted the Swiss cow bell symbolizing the honor.

20,000 kilometers of difficult journey

Speaking of Mike Horn, the modern and outstanding explorer has been the Panerai brand ambassador for more than 15 years that has become the inspiration for this new watch. At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, Panerai launched the Panerai Submersible Mike Horn Edition watch PAM00985 – a special version of the blue luminous coating.

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