July 2018


Panerai Luminor Composite Marine 1950 3 Days Automatic 44MM watch PAM00386 can be regarded as the reference PAM00312 repackaged with Panerai Composite material. The two models come with P9000, a mechanical movement with self winding. PAM00386 bears all features that PAM00312 has. The watch case and the device protecting crown in steel are plated with Panerai Composite material, a kind of man-made ceramic material. Panerai Composite is lighter than ceramic, harder than steel. Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Automatic 44MM watch PAM00386 features the watch case in dark brown and brown Suede leather bracelet. It shows low-key but mature and elegant charm, whose entire tone reminds me of Panerai watch bronze. Panerai watch and vintage tone is a perfect match. This is the reason why Panerai watch PAM00386 is so popular.

The classic “sandwich” brown dial bears hollowed-out number and baton scales and date window. “LUMINOR MARINE”at 12 O’clock and “PANERAI” at 6 O’clock show a long history and brand features. The thickness of the watch case and super readability symbolize a typical Panerai style. A piece of anti-glare sapphire crystal protects the “sandwich” dial. With the help of the device protecting the crown, the Panerai Composite watch case is water resistant up to 300 meters. The mechanical movement with self winding, P9000 is seen clearly throughout smoke grey sapphire crystal, supplying users with 3-day power reserve.

Its popularity makes replicas popular on the internet. Here, I’ll compare two types of Panerai watch replicas to the real. Maybe you will know whether they are worth buying. The two replicas both have the same exterior look as the real PAM00386. The biggest difference between them is the movement. The more expensive replica Panerai Luminor 1950 watch is equipped with the same modified movement as the real, while the cheaper movement just looks similar to P9000.

1.Replica Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Watch PAM00386 for Approx 550 Dollars
The replica Panerai watch is equipped with a modified ETA7750 whose performance isn’t inferior to P900. The balance wheel the replica movement is replaced at 7 O’clock, while ones of other versions are at 11 O’clock or 6 O’clock. If you don’t open the replica movement, it’s hard to tell the differences of the replica and P9000. Stability and accuracy are guaranteed. The daily error is controlled in 8 seconds. The replica is worth buying.
2.Replica Panerai Marina Luminor 1950 3 Days Watch PAM00386 for Approx 280 Dollars
The cheaper Panerai watch is equipped with an Asian mechanical movement whose plywood is repolished, very similar to P9000. Comparing to the modified ETA7750, performance of the Asian mechanical movement is inferior to it.


With the progress of the times, wristwatches has become important accessories for most people. Luxury watches show social status and good taste of users and set off their distinctive charm. For rich men or celebrities, it’s an investment way to collect luxury watches. Most luxury watches are very expensive, so a lot turn to replica Luxury watches. Are replica luxury watches worth buying?

Many want to keep away from them when they meet the word “replica” or “fake”. We should treat replica watches right, because 1:1 high quality replica watches reach to the level of crafts. In the early stage, in order to make watches sell well, many of watch makers copied popular designs or well-known elements from luxury watch brands. Such fake replica watches have short service life. With the increase of income and economic level, most people hate them, and they never pay them. So, the title “replica Panerai watch” will keep many people away from it. At present, more and more people are willing to pay 1:1 high quality replica watches. They have the same features as the original edition from the overall to details. Many of people are willing to spend 400 to 800 dollars on high quality replica watches. As a result, they have a luxury wristwatch and high quality.

1:1 replica luxury wristwatches come with 316 L steel, sapphire crystal, calfskin bracelet and good movements, durable and high end. I and friends around me like Panerai watches. We know the watch brand from films, like The Expendables, Fast & Furious and San Andreas. We treat Panerai watches praising and roasting, and we hope we can own a Panerai watch. Half month ago, one of my friends spent 660 dollars on a replica Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days watch PAM00359. He said it was a trustworthy watch and made well, and he suggested that I should buy one. Yes, I did it. My replica Panerai watch PAM00359 is really powerful. I think it’s worthy.

It doesn’t look a replica, not inferior to the original edition at all. Mirror-like cushion-shaped watch case in steel is amazing. From any angle, sapphire crystal shows endless charm. Calfskin leather bracelet with beige neat stitches is cozy and durable. The case back with engraved logo is the same as the original edition, I have compared them. It’s on my wrist, and I try operating its crown and the device protecting the crown. The fluted crown is polished delicately. I can operate it well, and I can’t feel sharp edges. The seller told me that it’s equipped with a replica ETA movement which has good performance. So far, it goes accurately. This is a pleased purchase.