December 2018


Panerai launched a total of seven watches at this year’s Geneva exhibition. In my impression, this should be the previous exhibition that Panerai launched the newest minimum watches. According to my analysis, this may be to warm up the SIHH to introduce more new models at the later exhibition. The new timings are particularly tall, and three of the seven models are special editions and one super special edition. This means that there are only three models that can be bought normally by ordinary fans. Radiomir is really heartbreaking.

Although the models that can be bought are really pitiful, it is always possible to appreciate them. Let’s start with this the Radiomir. Subjectively, my favorite thing in Panerai is the Radiomir series, which is thin, big and comfortable. So every year I look forward to the new Radiomir model, when I saw this year’s PAM00604 watch that 47mm 604 has a perfect design. And I was excited when the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock dial layout.

I think the importance of these two indicators should not be explained too much by me. In short, the models that meet these two indicators have only appeared five times in the history of Panerai. Platinum 021 with Rolex movement in 1997, 232 in 2006, 294 in 2010, 379 in 2011 and 604 in this year. Now 021 has a high price, 232 is difficult to trace, 249 as a limited edition in Tokyo store, the version has only a poor 49 and the big gold shell of 379 is also very expensive.

Originally all-steel 604 can be the gospel of the vast majority fans from Panerai, but when people see the carving of the Florence illustration on the edge of the case, the whole heart will be broken. Heartbreak is not because the pattern is not good, but it means that ordinary fans can’t buy it. Of course, as a veteran fan, he is willing to have this timepiece that owns the sliver case called “Firenze” by the master, and readily accepts the price of 18,800 euros. But in the face of its limited edition of 99 and limited to strict conditions of Panerai Florence historical store in San Giovanni Plaza, there is no follow-up!

Is it rare to look at it from afar? Of course not, we can reproduce its beauty, letting it stay with you–replica Panerai Radiomir limited edition automatic Firenze Stainless Steel case black men watch PAM00604 with black crocodile leather strap. Rose gold markers and hands(with luminous coating) are obvious. Vintage Firenze pattern is engraved on the polished bezel. Screw down Swiss 316L Steel case has the Sapphire crystal transparent back, which is beautiful and luxury.

The perfect standard collections for successful men: wallets, belts and watches! Knowing the taste of a person largely depends on the “ornaments” that maybe people don’t care about. With the changes in economic conditions, aesthetic awareness, brand concept, consumption level and the different taste, many people have doubts about the choice of high quality watches. The blogger summed up the experience and lessons belong to many watch users, and provided a selection of re-enactment to list the methods for the reference of person.

The Necessary Introduction Knowledge on how to buy a right replica watch
First, the choice of timing shop. For novices, choosing the right watch store is a guarantee for yourself. More significant, the reliable sellers are the only way to go if people want to have a fine knock-off watch. The choice of watch shop should consider several aspects: the certain scale of the watch store, good reputation, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service. These are the external factors that must be considered when selecting the imitated watch.

Second, the choice of brand. Whether it is a novice or a senior watch fan, if you want to buy a knock-off watch, you must determine the brand and you need in terms of the following factors:
Brand grade: No matter where you are, some people will judge the value by brand. The more high-end brand re-enactment watch market feedback is relatively better. So if you have enough time, searching on the web is a good to know these things better.
Branded collections: After selecting a brand, novices occasionally get confused about a wide variety of different collections. For brand, more works is the key to attract customers and it can give more chose for person to have the right for themselves. For example, Panerai Luminor series does not have a high positioning of the Radiomir series. However, the Luminor series has Luminor Marina, Luminor 1950, Luminor 1950 8days, Luminor 1950 3 days and so on.

Third, the choice of style. Two methods: personal preference and physical comparison.
The style of the watch. Each brand has its own style, such as imitated Panerai PAM00511 stylish dial, which has special lugs and 44mm diameters case that are sought after by sports people.
The function of the watch. With the deep understanding of the watch, most watch fans will choose models with different functions. If you don’t divide the timepiece according to the complexity of the movement, but also the style function, there are common diving watches , flight watches, military watches, fashion watches And ordinary watches.

In addition to this, you can choose the matching watch according to your own conditions, such as identity, occasion, dress, use and so on. Of course, fashion and tend are also factors that cannot be ignored.