Replica Panerai Luminor 1950


If people choose a sport that offers maximize exercise to body, it must be diving program. This is not just a way of exercising, but a project that can find and challenge yourself. Under the water, people withstand the pressure from the seabed, letting the body and mind be able to exercise in sports, which gives the way to face danger and loneliness.

French free diving champion Guillaume Néry has broke four world records and won two world-class free diving championships. In 2015, the competition was suspended by himself. He traveled around the world and free diving techniques, promoting his love of the ocean.
His underwater photography is popular in the world and the films with his wife such as Narcose, Ocean Gravity, Free Fall and Runnin are also grateful. Among them, Runnin is a short film created for American singer Beyoncé with a click-through rate of millions, which helps to pass on its diving activities and ideas to the world.

Perhaps it is this special preference for the ocean. He accepted the invitation of Panerai, which has deep roots in the ocean, and became the brand ambassador of the brand. They started the journey of exploring the ocean together. In the “PANERAI TRAITS” Chapter 3 “Ocean” digital short film released on March 20, 2018, his interpretation of the fun immersed in the ocean.

This free diving dive sneaked into the Villefranche-sur-Mer Bay near Nice, France, showing his enthusiasm and talent for free diving through narratives and stunning images. Nice is also the home of Guillaume Néry who was born, raised and promoted to be the king of free diving.

Since Guillaume Néry was free to dive 87 meters at the age of 20 that broken the first world record, he repeatedly surpassed the limits of free dive.

In 2015, he intended to break the world record again. Due to the mistakes made by the organizers, the final record was 10 meters deeper than expected, creating an amazing 139 meters. Unfortunately, he lost consciousness when he was a few meters away from the water, making the record invalid. But 139 meters is still the deepest dive distance in the history of free diving.

Guillaume Néry chose the LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 BMG-TECHT™ 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC – 47mm professional diving metal glass watch (PAM00692) from the Panerai.

The material cast into the case, bezel, crown and its protective device belong to metallic glass (bulk amorphous alloy) and it is made of special alloy like glass. The casting process avoids crystallization of the material, so that the atoms are no longer arranged in an orderly geometry. And it is more resistant to external shocks and magnetic fields.

The same style Panerai of Guillaume Néry LUMINOR 1950 PAM00692 men imitated watch